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He Led Me through the Maze

I was lost in the maze of life

I called out but no one heard me.

I didn’t feel God by my side

Even though I knew He was with me.

Nobody could understand this problem

Or find a solution, neither could I

But over time, I realized,

The maze had been my mind.

The unfruitful thoughts which harbored

In the box I carried on my shoulders

         had made the little pebbles

Of life seem like big boulders.

The Lord is always silent,

when He’s already told you what to do.

(He says once and you must obey

Or you will find yourself in the maze too)

He’s told me a thousand times

To read His powerful word.

It’ll lead us through the twists and turns

That we often find in this world.

I didn’t obey-I paid the price

And there I was again,

Looking up to the One I’d disobeyed

To lead me through the maze….

And He did.

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