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Be the best in all of mankind!

Brothers and sisters, listen to me,
I have a story to tell,
Its a good one, you see
It sounds good, it sounds well,
It’s an adventure. Long, long ago
Happened to a sweet little lamb,
Who wasn’t selfish, who had no great ego,
But this creature could only stand
on three feet, it was crippled on one.
The poor little thing stood alone,
in the barn while others had gone
to feed on green grass, as a loner
long he stood, tears pouring down.
His heart was all heavy, his face
was pulled down, with a deep frown
All he needed was God’s perfect grace.

That night some people came to the barn,
It seemed they would stay there-
At least from dark till dawn.
The lady gave birth to a boy here,
There was nothing to keep him warm.
A new baby born to the cold world,
All he needed now was  to be warm,
The little sheep sacrificed its wool,
He felt happy for at last.
He had been made useful,
He had forgotten the hurt of the past,
He no longer felt sorrowful,
that he had been created.
For at last his purpose in life had been clarified.
He felt glad he had been created,
He felt happy and satisfied.

When you feel low, when you feel down,
When you feel upset,
and you can only frown,
Remember, your life has been set,
By the one who created the world.
He loves you, He cares for you,
He knows what in this world
What you really need, for He made you.
So, you’ll get what you need,
Not exactly what you greed.
So stand only on His Word
and you’ll be of the best brand-
In all of mankind.

Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable his judgments, and his paths beyond tracing out! Rom 11:33(NIV)

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