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What an awesome God we serve

And my soul shall be joyful in the Lord… All my bones shall say,” Lord, who is like Thee?” Psalms 35: 9-10

I would like to share my life story with you. Hope that it blesses your life and brings glory to our Lord Jesus Christ. It was 2009, the company which I am working now was almost collapsed. Many people worked there lost their jobs due to their poor performances. Soon the trading division of the company was given to me with a condition. The condition was that I should bring at least a single business within three months from January 2010 and if not then it would result to the cancellation of my Visa and I would be sent back home. Also, my salary was reduced to almost half of which I was getting.

The trading division which was handed over to me was almost a crippled one. It had neither clients to serve nor any specific product to market and I had no previous marketing experience. Yet I took it as a challenge relying on the mercy & love of our Lord God Jesus Christ. As I use to look back the journey of my life I always wonder that how I had overcome the turbulence which I faced all my life time without any suffering. And I know it was not my strength but the grace of our savior.

Many people whom I know promised me to help me to get some sort of support. Yet, none of them helped me nor the company facilitated me with any of the marketing tools. But, I was waiting for my Lord to shine His face upon me and I never worried about anything as I knew God would open me another door if this door shuts.

The days rolled gradually and I did whatever I could do for the progress of the company with prayers. Finally, we got a business order from one of the prestigious firm in Qatar during February 2010. So, I realized that God has started His work in my life. So, I put everything on God’s feet and continued my career journey. On March 2010, the final month of my probation, I was invited to visit the establishment from which we had got the order. You might think that it would have been a good news for me. But, it was not. They blamed us for submitting over-priced quotation and they pointed out that our price was almost 10 times more comparing to all other offers which other suppliers quoted them. Also, they warned us that we would be black listed if we do the same mistake ever again.

Finally, 30th March 2010 arrived, the day before the end of my probation period. Still I never worried for anything even to go back to my own country. I knew I would survive as long as my faith is in our Lord God. I went to the office as usual and a pleasant surprise was waiting for me. Yes, the order was sanctioned, the one which I quoted during my probation, the offer for which I was blamed by the prestigious establishment. I would have hugged Jesus Christ tightly if He had been physically present next to me.

What an awesome Lord God we server…multiples of millions of praises to His Holy name.

D. Augustine
Doha – Qatar

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