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I am Visalakshi. I was born in a hindu family. As a young girl I was so religious and faithful in idol worship. I was put in a boarding school, where I came to know about Jesus. His love touched my life, with so many miracles. Now I am a born again believer with my daughters, son in laws, grand children, my sisters, and their families accepted Jesus as their Lord. This is how the lord touched our big family.

The first miracle in my exams

I was a teenage girl in the boarding school, where I heard about Jesus. I was good in studies. Once just a few days before the exams I got a very bad tooth ache with swollen gums & fever. So I couldn’t prepare for the exam at all. The next day was the exam starting, it was the subject I always found difficult. As nothing could be done by me, I thought I would take the help of Jesus . I prayed to Him with a deal that if He helped me in my exams , I would accept Him as the only God in my life. The next day I went to the exam hall, got the question paper. When I read it , it was doubtful to me , whether I would pass. I prayed again to Jesus , reminded Him our deal, and when I put my pen on the answer sheet, something strange happened. I still remember. It was not me. Some force was moving my hand and I was writing something fast. After the exams also I was not sure whether I wrote the answers or scribbled some nonsense. After some days when the paper was given in the class, the teacher said, “ no one has done the paper well, except Visalakshi who has got full marks. By seeing her perfect answers I wanted to give her more than full marks” she said. I was so much amazed, moved by the loving touch of the living God. So as per our deal I gave my life happily to Him. My parents were not much against this. For them all gods were same. As years passed by I got married to a hindu.

The healing miracle which touched my husband

My husband had his own hindu faith. He didn’t oppose my faith in Jesus . My four daughters had belief in both. My husband had a hole in his heart from his childhood. It was hereditary. His father and two of his brothers died in their middle ages because of this. My husband used to get chest pain now and then. The doctors said ,” a surgery has to be made , but it is too late , it should have been done in childhood and now it is risky”. So whenever he got pain I used to pray with my daughters in tears. Suddenly one day the pain disappeared and it didn’t come at all. When we went to the doctor for regular check up, an x-ray was taken and to our amazement we were told that there was no hole at all. Hallelujah. Our God Is a mighty healer. So my whole family got saved. Now my husband is 67. He is healthy & active. Still God has kept him as a top man in a cement factory in Saudi Arabia. His Saudi boss calls my husband “young man”, because God has given him the strength and activeness which doesn’t match his age .Though the retiring age from job is 60 there, the company is requesting my husband to be in the job. The lord has kept him there as a blessing to other believers there and to serve His ministry.

The Lord’s wonderful plan

My husband had a longing to do something for his native village, Arimalam near Pudukkottai in Tamil Nadu. By knowing this many people from the village approached him with proposals for building a hindu wedding hall, building lockers for a bank etc. My husband was thinking of accepting any one. But I was not interested to do just a wordly , temporary thing for the village. The Lord has given my husband a new life & strength to earn and it should be used for His glory only. There was no church in our village and none knew about the love of Jesus. But living in Saudi we couldn’t help it. I and my daughters were praying. The same year when we went to our village for vacation, we came to know that a pastor had come to our village with a vision of building a church there. He had got the land ,but he was looking for some one who would help him to build a church there. So the Lord led us according to His plan and now there is a beautiful church built there, which is serving to remove the darkness and show the light , the way to eternal life. Hallelujah.

The miracle during danger

One of my daughters was in a higher secondary boarding school ,Trichy . I was in Madurai at my elder daughter’s house. It was in 1993. There was a heavy rain and flood. In Madurai the vaigai dam was broken and there was flood everywhere. The telephone lines were cut and there was no electricity in Madurai that evening. In Trichy my daughter’s school was closed, so she planned to come home, but couldn’t contact us to tell us about her arrival due to the telephone lines cut. Mobiles were not popular those days. So she started from Trichy by a bus without informing us. Due to the heavy rain the bus was very slow , reached Madurai late at night around 10 pm. It was flooded and dark everywhere. She got an auto which accepted to take her home. On the way there was a bridge to be crossed to reach home. But the bridge was overflowing with water up to neck level. So the auto couldn’t go on it. So it stopped there , leaving her alone on the road. The auto driver and some other indecent eyes were watching her all alone in the dark. None could help her to reach home except the Lord. She was in tears praying amidst the indecent comments, whistles and looks. At the same time I was at my home in my bed. Suddenly from the sleep I got up , a force urged me to pray for some one in danger. Without knowing what danger, I got up and prayed with a small lantern on. There my daughter saw a man walking with his cycle, came near her , enquired and told her that he would help her cross the bridge. She couldn’t do anything else than believing that stranger. He held her hands and both of them walked on the flooded bridge and reached the other side. Then he told her that it is difficult to get another auto to go home as it was almost midnight and he asked her to come to his house which was near the bridge. She couldn’t help but trusted the Lord and went with him to his house. When they reached their home, to her surprise my daughter found that the family was a Christian. She thanked the wonderful Lord, had food, change of clothes, a good sleep and the next morning , before sunrise, there was a knock at our door . My daughter was standing with that family. They came all the way to leave her safe at our home. We thanked them and our wonderful Lord who never sleeps or slumbers, but protects us in danger.
The above said are few of the miracles which happened in my life. By witnessing this my mother, my sisters, their families, my son in laws all accepted Lord Jesus as their savior, got baptized and got saved. Our Lord is so wonderful, he saved me and my family from eternal death, helped in danger, helped in exams, healed in sickness and the list goes on….. He who helped us is not partial. He will help you too. Only thing you should have is the faith like a child to receive it. Keep Him at the centre of your life. He will take care of your life and you need not worry for anything. If you worry for anything then it is a proof that you have not kept him at the centre of your life. Live a life according to His word , filled by the Holy spirit and let us all meet together in the heaven and glorify the Lord forever. Amen.

Sis. Visalakshi Murugappan

(Mother of Sis. Anitha Muthu, Word of God Church)

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