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The perfect year of 360 days

Bible Chronology
The Perfect Year Of 360 Days

In the understanding of Bible Chronology, it is necessary to take notice of the perfect year of 360 days. This is also called “PROPHETIC YEAR” or “CALENDAR YEAR”. 360 can be divided by 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,12,15,18,20 etc. In contrast to the “SOLAR YEAR” of 365 – 1/4 days which is indivisible by any number.

Where Did The 360 Days Come From”

The actual length of the year before the flood was 360 days. Evidently the gravitational forces which caused the flood disturbed the earth’s orbit as to lengthen the year to 365 -1/4 days.

Actually the book of Genesis clearly establishes the fact of the original 360-day year. Below we give in tabular form the Genesis references which make this clear.

Reference Year Noah's Age YY-MM-DD
Gen. 7:1-4
Noah told to enter Ark
Flood begins
Rain ends
Ark sets on Mount Ararat
Top of Mountain seen
Birds sent out
Dove sent out again
Dove sent out last time
Covering the Ark removed
Noah leaves Ark

An examination of the above table shows that the pre-flood year composed of 12 months of 30 days each or 360 days. The first five months of the Flood equaled exactly 150 days.

When God completed His creation, He said that it was “good”, A year of 365- 1/4 days is about poorest kind of measurement that could be conceived.

Apparently, the flood, the judgement, threw the earth’s orbit out of balance. “All the foundations of the earth are out of course”(Psalm 82:5)


If the earth’s year be increased from 360 days to 365 – 1/4, its orbit must recede a distance of about a million miles farther distant from the sun. Rain accounted for a part of the flood. But the words “the foundations of the great deep (were) broken up” hint that tremendous gravitational forces were at work. Before the flood there was no record of rain or snow (Gen 2:6).

There is another factor involved in the severe climate which the earth undergoes. That is the excessive tilt of the earth’s axis.Therefore, the conditions of the earth and its surroundings before the flood was entirely different to the conditions after the flood. Therefore, how far, we can believe the ‘dating’ of things of old is questionable.

360-Day Year During The Millennium.

According to the scripture at the end of the age, there will be another great solar disturbance that will shake the earth (Isa2:21). We are told “the powers of the heaven shall be shaken”. During the Millennium 360 days will be restored (Isaiah 30:26).

According to the Bible reckoning, 4066 years after the creation of man, JESUS was crucified. . But from the creation of man till the Flood it was 1656 years and an year before the flood was 360 days and should have continued but for the sin of man.

Therefore, 4066 – 1656 = 2410 years after the flood was Jesus crucified and this was 365 -1/4 days a year because of the earth went into an extended orbit as it is now.

Therefore, correcting 2410 x 360 (subtract 5 – 1/4 days from every year) = 2375 years.

what should have been the reality?

2375 + 1656 = 4031 years and not 4066 years as now.

That means 4031 – 4000 = 31 AD

JESUS was crucified around AD 30-31 and He must have been born around BC 4.


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