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The Four Apocalyptic Horsemen


Rev 6:1,2 “And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it where the noise of thunder, one of the four beast saying, come and see. And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

From chapter six of revelation through the end of the book we see the chronological development. Chapter 6 tells us of the opening of the seals, then chapter 7 interrupts to add special information. Chapter 8 and 9 resume the order of events with the blowing of the trumpets. Then chapter 10 through 15 give additional information. Chapter 16 resumes the chronological order with the pouring out of the vials or bowls. More special material is then provided in chapter 17 and 18. The 19th chapter concludes the chronological events of the tribulation. Then the events of chapter 20 through 22 are in order with information about new Jerusalem. The chronological events can be summarized in the form of small diagram, as follows :




FIRST SEAL_____________________SIXTH SEAL

(FIRST Half of Tribulation PeriodFirst 3- 1/2 Years)

                                                                                              SEVENTH SEAL


                                                                    FIRST TRUMPET                      SIXTH TRUMPET

(Second Half Of Tribulation Period Great Tribulation second 3- 1/2 years)

                                                                                                                    SEVENTH TRUMPET

                                                                                                          First Vial ____Seventh Vial

(Great and Terrible Day of the Lord Time Period very short about 45 Days)

At this point in Revelation 6, Christ is in heaven and is surrounded by all heavenly hosts as He opens the seals of the book. Everyone is looking on. From heaven, He directs the judgements that take place on the earth.

The seals are opened one after another. The first six seals will have to be finished by the middle of the Tribulation or in 3- 1/2 years.

Notice also that the first four seals deal primarily with the earth. The transactions between the Father and the Son are now ready to be fulfilled.   Just as the first coming of Christ, so there is an appointed time when the Lord Jesus Christ will open the seals which release the judgement of God.


WHITE HORSE : Rev 6 : 1,2

Who is the RIDER on the white horse?

THE RIDER ON THE WHITE HORSE is THE ANTICHRIST,  just as the beginning of the New Testament the HOLY SPIRIT has given us a fourfold delineation of CHRIST in the GOSPELS, so at the commencement of tribulation a fourfold picture of Antichrist’s description is given. When CHRIST came ‘GRACE AND TRUTH’ followed HIM. When Antichrist comes ‘death and hell’ will follow him. THE ANTICHRIST IS NOT SYSTEM, HE IS A PERSON.

First, he seen aping the Christ of God as the Righteous one.   The “white horse” is speaking of righteousness. Just as we are told in 2 Cor 11:14 that “satan himself transformed into angel of light” and “therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness”.  So the Antichrist will pose as the friend of law and order. He is an imitation of the white horse in Rev 19:11. The Rider in Rev 19:11 is The LORD JESUS CHRIST,  2 Thessalonians 2 : 9, 10;  John 5 : 43.

The world is longing for some world ruler who will bring peace and order out of chaos. The nations of the world are becoming more dependent on each other economically, yet they are at each other’s throats constantly. Each nation wants to build up its stockpile of weapons to protect itself against the other nations. It is obvious that all-out war could begin at any moment.

There is much talk about peace because the nations of the world realize no one may live through another world war. The conditions are ripe then for a world ruler who will promise peace and security. This is what the white horse rider will do. He will come in power, ushering in false peace Dan 11:21-23.

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