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Life is delicious!

The breeze blew,
The sun shone,
To dry out the dew,
I know another day has begun
With the tasty delicacies of the Lord
And to fight against, was the spirit’s sword.

I decided, then,
I walk to the park,
I met a girl, little and thin
Waiting like me for the day to start.
‘Good Morning, ma’am.’
She smiled at me:
‘You are in a deep trance,
I can see that
For you are describing the beauty
Of the world created.
Why shouldn’t it be our duty
To glorify the great Creator?’
I kept on walking
To meet a good man.
His face was all smiling-
about to fulfill God’s plan.
For him the day was fresh at start ‘Have a nice day’
He raised his hat.
‘To fulfill God’s plan, I’m on my way.’
Then, I met an old woman,
Down on the road.
She wasn’t of the kind.
Who think life is a bore.
Life has a meaning,
a purpose, an aim.
It is a way of striving,
To a profitable gain.
‘Good day, young lady,
May darkness flee,
And happiness accompany,
You to your seat
in heaven. In life
May God lead you,
and save you during strife.
My child, God bless you.’
I walked along the
Bend on the road.
Alone wasn’t I in life
with a purpose told,
and a plan to be fulfilled,
With a pain to be borne,
There are millions around the world who
share with me,
the same purpose for life,
With God on the lead
But what’s so amazing,
Incredible and true,
Is that its all working
Through a faith renewed,
Everyday in the One
Who is forever true-
Jesus, the one who
saved me and you.
The Bible speaks clearly
Faith without works
Is fully unworthy.
I pray with a smile,
It fills me again-
The peace which will survive
For those who’ve gained
‘Lord, lead me,
guide me through,
And let me be
Something for you.
I have no much idea
of what I am
to do tomorrow
But I believe in your plans,
I believe in you.’

For far beyond the horizon
I now can see
The purpose of the plan,
He has for me
Life is delicious, with the delicacies of the Lord
And to fight against, is the spirit’s sword.

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