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The Blessed One!

I threw my books in fury
On the table- no, it’s not funny.
I had been studying from morning,
Now it was late in the evening.
I couldn’t study but ten pages. Now
You may ask me what made me frown.
Let me tell you – tell you clear
Why deep in my heart, to open my book I feared.
I could never finish on time.
To me, it was like a mountain to climb.
Stay at the foot than try to reach the top was my concept.
At least, in that case, I wouldn’t feel lost or misled.
Furiously, I bent down on my knees.
At moments like this, there is One who can answer a ‘Please’.
“Lord, I know you love me, I know you care.
But sometimes I wish I wouldn’t feel so bad.
No matter how hard I try, I always seem to fail.
It seems my plan to study well in 10th would never prevail.
Lord, help me, help me more,
So that higher I can score.
I am tired, Lord, I really am.
I really wish to be the best I can.
I really…..” my prayer broke.
And from deep inside an impelling voice spoke.
“Remember a girl in 10th grade, just like you,
But she had a blind mother who
Needed all the help she could get.
The girl may have had a lot to fret.
But you … you are blessed.
You have a family, home, love,
And don’t forget your Father above….”
And acknowledging the presence of a Living God,
I bowed my head again and slowly said, “Thank you, dear Lord…”

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