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Learn from this

“I was given a pack of cards

and asked to throw one away each day.

would be the start and end

of a lifetime-one card for each day.

Thought I had my hands full

and flipped the cards away.

Promised myself everyday that

next day would be it,

That I would do good every second

use every ounce of energy and wit

but alas farther and farther away from me

moved this turning point,

until I forgot all about it

and simply wasted my cards.

with just a few cards in hand ,I see

the hungry soul and the cold heart

I see the unfinished assignments

and the work I have to start.

No use waking up when it is night.

There’s nothing I can do.

Wish only I could get back

the cards I wastefully threw.

Learn from this, young card flicker”

With that the last card fell,

From the old man’s arms.

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