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Where can I find reality !

In a world that always
wants to be happy on the outside,
How long can I hide this
torment that I face inside?

In a world that wears a fake smile
and seems only to enjoy life,
Where can I hide the
feelings of stress, pain and strife?

In a world that always
wants and gets its own way,
How can I say that things are
out of my control every single day?

In a world that seems successful,
happy, proud and gratified,
How can I hide this,
darkness and cry inside?

In a world that is bonded
by love that’s only superficial,
Where can I go to find love
that’s warm, secure and real?

Life is vain; all is vanity
And that’s how it seemed to me.

Then someone with a real heart
out of love found me.
I will not find another
if I searched for eternity.

He took me into His kingdom
and I am part of it,
He showed me what life is
and the only way to live it.

 Now I don’t have to hide
all my feelings inside.
I can express them as they are
and still He rectifies.

You might not understand this
& wonder how it’ll be;
but I’m only telling the good news;
If you give Jesus a chance, you’ll see

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