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Sudan Persecution

“What we saw and heard and touched is the material for nightmares, a human hell,” reported an American Episcopal priest returning from a January 1998 trip to Sudan.

The country of Sudan, already enduring seemingly endless civil war, is being devastated by a jihad led by the militant Islamic regime in Khartoum.  Their tactics include aerial bombardment of citizens, scorched earth and destruction of livestock,  forced   displacement of over three million people,  abduction, imprisonment, torture, execution of men, abduction and enslavement of women and children, and forced Islamization and conscription. The government justifies its reign of terror and Sudan persecution by claiming that it is a “divine mission” in the name of Allah.

By their own admission, militant Muslims see Sudan persecution as only the first step in an attempt to impose their brand of radical Islam all the way to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. But God may have other plans. The Church in the Sudan continues to grow at an amazing rate. The wildfire spread of Christian faith in the ruins of Southern Sudan is captured in these lines from a song by Sudanese Christian Mary Alueel: “God has not forgotten us. Evil is departing and holiness is advancing. These are the things that shake the earth.” Sudan persecution still exists, but the movement passionately goes on.


Kindly take a moment to pray for Sudanese brothers and sisters. (Click here for more information)

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