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Sin no more!


By Bro. Archibald Sigamony

In the New Testament in the Gospel according to St. John there are two incidents in which Jesus said these words SIN NO MORE. This was mentioned in two occasions. He spoke these to two persons – an Invalid man and a woman.

            The first incident was of a man which is written in St. John Chapter 5. If we read from verse 1 to 14 we can clearly understand the miracle of Jesus performed to an Invalid man who was lying near the pool of Bethesda for 38 years waiting for his healing. Here there was an only good thing in him which is his ‘Hope’ that one day or other he will be alright. The other reason may be that he must have been driven away from his house as he was an useless man. But somebody was helping him by giving food to eat for these many years. There were so many other sick people there. But Jesus eye was focused only on him. When Jesus asked him whether he wants to get well, he replied that there was no one to help him for a particular moment when the water of the pool was stirred. He was putting his hope on ‘someone’ whom he may not even know. Jesus wants to prove that only ‘HE’ can help people in any circumstances and to teach people to put their whole trust on Him whatever the situation is. Jesus told him to pick up his mat and walk as in verse 8. At once the man was cured; he picked up his mat and walked.

            When we just look into his life, suppose if that man’s age was 60 at that time, he must have come over there at the age of 22 (60 – 38). This is the peak age of the YOUTH. In the olden days also people got trapped in the Sins of the Youth. If we see St.John 5:14, Jesus told this healed Invalid man that “Sin No More lest a worse thing come unto thee.” He was not the only person got involved in the Sin but when compared to others’ sins, his sin may be intolerable in the sight of God. When he was lying there for 38 years without any Peace of mind, he must have realized about his Sin of the youth and must have confessed. That’s why after he was cured he went to the Temple having no idea about who made him well as per verse 13. When Jesus found him in the Temple as per verse 15, He told him this as an advise and command SIN NO MORE.

            The second incident is about a woman written in St. John chapter 8:1- 11. This is not a miracle but a deliverance from the transgression of Law. And from the hands of the people who had the Judgment in their hands to punish this woman to death as per the Law  Moses commanded to them as stated in verse 5. They were just waiting for the Judgement from the Supreme Judge Jesus to say YES. Because they all had stones in their hands. Here we know what Sin the woman has committed ie., Adultery. She was at the edge of death. She knew very well  what was her sin and what will be the punishment. She did not ask anybody to help her. The men who were involved with her in this sin also did not turn up to help her. She did not even ask Jesus to help her. Here Jesus very cleverly rescued her and said SIN NO MORE.

            From these two incidents what we have understood? The two persons may have the same Sin as Jesus said in both the incidents as ‘Sin No More’ in singular only. If we see in St. Mark 2;5, Jesus told in plural ‘Sins’ for the paralytic man. In the man’s life the punishment was for 38 years and for the woman instant punishment. So we may consider that both were involved in the same type of Sin as Jesus spoke to these two people in singular only.

            In the present time the  Sins of the Youth are more and more and increasing in different ways mainly in Drugs, Adultery, Prostitution, enjoyment in Parties cum Dancing, Filthy Musical Evenings and Songs pulling the Youth to get trapped in the Nets of Satan pushing them towards HELL. If we read II Peter 2:13,14 it is written that even if they go for one day enjoyment, that will lead them to the big disaster in their lives. So as per Romans 6:12 that Sin should not reign in our body.

            When you read this article and if you are touched in your soul thinking about how to come out of this Sinful life, these two incidents are good examples for you. These two persons were not worrying at all about the ‘Deadly Punishments’ they will receive for their Sin. If you are like that Invalid man living in this world with guilty conscious everyday without Peace of mind you can confess your Sin, ask our Lord to forgive you now. He is ready and will make you a healthy man immediately.

             If you are still continuing in your sinful life secretly like that woman, this is the day of your Salvation. Repent and commit yourself to Jesus who is always ready to help you.

            To lead successful life in future, please concentrate on this verse I John 3:6,9 “Whosoever liveth in Him will not sinneth because His seed remaineth in him”. What is that SEED? How to get this done? If you read I John2:2, 5 it says that “Whoso keepeth His word in him verily is the Love of God perfected; hereby know we that we are in Him”. His  word is the SEED. This should be sowed in us everyday, watered and should be protected like the good ground as mentioned in the Parable of Sower and the seed in St. Mathew 13:23.

As a Warning this is brought before you that we are  not in the Last days but in the End time. So we should not delay in any of these as death will come to anyone at any moment. As Jesus said to the woman that He will not condemn us as per John8:11. But as per John12:48 the word that was spoken by Jesus will judge us in the last day.

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