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Praising The Lord


By Hector Morais

Praise is an expression of worship and the bible says that GOD inhabits in the praises of his peoples (Psalms 22:3). All believers are commanded to praise God! In fact, Isaiah 43:21 explains that praise is one reason we were created, “This people I have formed for Myself; they shall declare My praise.” Hebrews 13:15 confirms this: “Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise – the fruit of lips that confess his name.”

Praise to GOD is a LIFESTYLE and an expression of our FAITH and should not only be limited when peoples are gathering in Church. In all circumstances and situation throughout our daily life we need to pause and learn to Praise GOD at all times. Praise to the Lord brings the refreshing of the Lord’s presence, along with His power and anointing. “…I will bless the LORD at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth” (Psalms 34:1).

There are many biblical expressions of Praise, Declaring of thanks (Heb. 13:15), Clapping hands and shouting (Psalms 47:1), Musical instruments and dancing (Psalms 150:4), Singing praise songs (Psalms 9:11), Psalms, hymns, & spiritual songs (Eph. 5:19-20),  Making a joyful noise (Psalms 98:4), By lifting our hands (Psalms 134:2), By being still (Psalms 4:3-5, 46:10), By being loud (Psalms 33:3, 95:1-6) and many more but all are centred into to acknowledge our awesome GOD and praising HIM for the gift of life.

The below is a compilation of Praises that can be used daily to Praise and Magnify GOD.  You may start by “I praise you o Lord Jesus” and continue with the words below.


1.      You are the light of the world
2.      Your are our redeemer
3.      You are our mighty counsellor
4.      You are the only Son of God
5.      You are the Alpha and Omega
6.      You are the Last Adam
7.      You are prudent
8.      You are Christ the King
9.      You are the Holy One
10.  You are the perfect sacrifice
11.  You are the King of the Universe
12.  You are our stronghold
13.  You are the everlasting light
14.  You are the Good Samaritan
15.  You are the Blessed One

1.      You are the Chosen One
2.      You are Righteous
3.      You are the way and the truth
4.      You are the anointed
5.      You are the giver to the poor
6.      You are wisdom of all that is
7.      You are the ruler of heaven & earth
8.      You are our shield
9.      You are Holy
10.  You are the deliverer
11.  You are the Salvation
12.  You are our Justice
13.  You are kind in heart
14.  You bless us abundantly
15.  You make us feel safe and secure

1.      You are Love
2.      You are the healer
3.      You are the messiah
4.      You are worthy to be praised
5.      You do marvellous deeds
6.      You are the hope of the needy
7.      You are our delight
8.      You are our protector
9.      You have been good to us
10.  You are wonderful in love
11.  You shadow us under your wings
12.  You are our Rock and Fortress
13.  You are the foundation
14.  You are the Word of God
15.  Your are the Bread of Life

1.      You are merciful
2.      You are the Law
3.      You are the forgiver of sins
4.      You are our daily bread
5.      You are the treasure
6.      You are the master of all that is
7.      You instil confidence in us
8.      You bless our souls
9.      You forgive all our sins
10.  You are full of compassion
11.  You are the fulfilment to our years
12.  You are the anointed One
13.  You are our shepherd
14.  You are the Kind of peace
15.  You are the Lord, God of all

1.      You show pity on us
2.      Your Kingdom shall endure forever
3.      Your peace shall ever reign
4.      You are the Lord of hosts
5.      You draw us to your heart
6.      You hold us close to you
7.      You kindle us with love
8.      You are the strength of our souls
9.      You abide with us
10.  You gave your life for us
11.  You sacrificed your body & blood for us
12.  You made worthy in God’s eye
13.  You are the undying proof of endless love
14.  You are our Love, O Lord divine
15.  Lord, you save us from all harms and ills

1.      You are the perfect sacrifice of love
2.      You are our adoration and our praise
3.      You are the Risen Lord
4.      You are alive today in power and majesty
5.      You conquered death
6.      You reign eternally
7.      You will reappear in end times
8.      You are the blessed Son of God alive forever more
9.      You are our joy and our sorrow
10.  You are the Redeemer King
11.  You have blessed us with good things
12.  Your rising has healed us
13.  You shed your blood for us
14.  You surrendered as a Lamb
15.  You bring new life to us

1.      You will make all things new
2.      You live in us
3.      You are our brother, our friend
4.      You wipe away our tears
5.      You are the well of life
6.      Your faithfulness never grows old
7.      You lovingly suffered for us
8.      Your words are abiding
9.      You are the world without end
10.  You are the master of earth and sea
11.  You are the rhythm of our souls
12.  You rescued us from shame
13.  You brought us into your peace
14.  You are the source of life and of love
15.  You have the words of eternal life

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