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There is no need of any demonstration required to show that something is wrong with the world of mankind. Something is wrong with man himself. To know what is wrong with man, and how he came to be in such a condition, we have to turn to God’s word. Out side God’s word we cannot find an answer to this universal problem. Look at human nature as it is now: depraved, wretched, subject to death. Look at our hospitals, prisons and cemeteries and the enmity between Cain and Abel, Ishmael and Isaac, Esau and Jacob is only an example and is duplicated in every age. What is the answer for all this antagonism? Philosophy cannot answer, our heredity and environment cannot answer this question. The Bible alone traces that antagonism to its very source. Ancient recognized that all men were poisoned but how this poison came to spread to every human they did not know.

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