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My tribute to Sara – By. Sis. Anittee Meshak James, Word of God Church

(QATAR  NEWS ;five years old child SARA locked in the school bus, found dead hours after. DOHA-QATAR-MAY 2010)

By Anittee Meshak James

Dear Sara;

I don’t know your face. But I can never forget you. I can never forget the day.

I can imagine,

Your face  filled with fear, anxiety and confusion, not aware of the yet to come event.

Your cry for help, left Unattended, Unheard, That pain in your heart, now in mine.

Your dried little throat continuously asking ‘’where are you mummy? Now a question in my heart” GOD WHERE WERE YOU?’’

Your longing to hear your mom’s voice has become your LAST unfulfilled wish.

Your tired eyes that LAST wink still hoping to see your mummy.

Your LAST breathy, your last gasp, your mom’s last hope, Silently mixed with the Hot desert air.

Your LAST PULSE Your LAST heart beat not heard by me, but paining my heart.

For your parents, The painful minutes, searching for you, the painful minute that they found you in, the minutes after THAT ,and the DAYS until now. Who will understand except you?

Your belongings, Your favourite play spot at home, your toys, your last written A,B,C”s,

Your untouched snack box, the water in your bottle, Your left over cough syrup, Your left over memories, HOW MUCH THESE MEAN TO YOUR MOM?

All the love she showed in her eyes, you replaced them with tears.

Sara, Why couldn’t you just hang on for a little more while? Why couldn’t you just go to school and come back home like the other kids do?

You can forgive your mom for giving you sedatives before going to school. Can she ever forgive herself?

You can forgive the driver who locked up the little sleeping you inside the bus. Can he forgive himself? Or can we?

How could you lay yourself all ALONE in the deaths cruel Lap? in the lonely desert place?

You said Good bye easily. I can not forget you. you are my child too.

If only GOD will grant me a wish I will rewind my days, Go back to the black day and scream from the depth of my very heart, SARA,…..DON’T GO TO SCHOOL TODAY”…..

Whom to blame? Whom to forgive?    


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