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Learn to live in this world !

I tried to put a mask on my face
it was to please and satisfy the human race.
I tried to create an image for people to see
I didn’t think they’d admire the real ‘me’.
I tried different tactics over many days
to earn fame, name and gain in every way
But I failed every time I put up a smile
that really wasn’t mine.
I failed every time I tried to be kind
just to earn higher status in people’s minds.
I failed every time I focused on the ‘me’
that I had tried to be.
These failures lead me to a truth-
the truth in the Bible- about a fruit.
The unconditional love from above-
let it flow through you to the world around.
Not for appreciation, not for fame,
but to show God’s love to the world in pain.
I realized the best I could be was ‘me’-
The ‘me’ the Lord had planned me to be.

LOVE….does not seek its own.

1 Corinthians 13:5

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