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Joseph (Type of JESUS)

Joseph Jesus
01 -Meaning of his name Gen 30:24 Joseph = Addition Gen 41:45   Zaphnath Panaea – Reveler / Savior The First Adam was the great subtractor. The Second Adam (Jesus) is the great adder (Corn of wheat) John 12:24. The Ultimate result of death is much  fruit John 14:3. Jesus Revealed his Father’s heart John 1:18
02 -Occupation By occupation, Joseph was a Shepherd “feeding the flock”. Christ is the good shepherd. John 10:11
03 -His opposition to Evil Joseph brought to his father evil reports of his brethren. He was not a tale bearer but the truth speaker. John 7:7.
04 -His Father’s Love He was 11th in number but was first born of Rachel the beloved wife of Jacob. God the Father gave his son Jesus a special privilege. Prov. 8:22,30, John 10:17, Math. 3:17, Phil 2:9.;   Math 17:5, Rev 3:21
05 -His Relation to his father’s age. Joseph was the son of Jacob’s old age. Jesus was the Son of God’s eternity. From all eternity, He was God’s son. He was not derived.He was eternally  begotten. Joh 1:1; Micah 5:2.
06-His Coat of many Colors Coat of many colors = a garment which was worn as a mark of distinguish Judges 5:30; II Samuel 13:18.This was Jacob’s  object to distinguish Joseph. Christ – Virgin Birth – Angelic Song – Star – Baptism – Feet Anointed with ointment – Cross – no other died like Him – 3 hr. darkness – earth quake -, rent veil – unique – Resurrection.
07-Hatred of his brethren. Jacob’s love brought enmity. Christ – He revealed His father’s heart and He exposed man’s enmity , Pharisee – hypocrisy exposed hated Him . (Psalm 2:12).
08- Joseph was hated because of His words Gen. 37:4,5,8. I) They hated him because of Jacob’s special love for him. II)They hated him because of his words. Person: John 5:18 Word: Luke 4:28,29. John 6:41, John 7:7.,John 10:30,31, John 8:40.
09- Joseph was to enjoy a remarkable Future (Dreams) Note his father words in Gen. 37:11. Is 9:6,7 ; Luke 1:31-33.
10- Joseph foretold his future (Sovereignty). Double Dream – Double Sovereignty. Gen. 37:7 Field – Earthly Gen. 37:9 Stars – Heavenly Math 26:64 all power.
11- Joseph was envied by his brethren. Gen. 37:11 – Jealous. Mark 12:6,7; John 12:18,19; Math 27:17,18.
12- Joseph sent forth by his father. Gen. 37:12-14. Brethren away from the father. Jacob sent forth Joseph. Obeyed, not indifferent. I John 4:10 Father’s will.Heb. 10:7 Son obeyed.
13- Joseph seeks the welfare of his brethren. Gen. 37:14.”Go I pray thee, see it be well with thy brethren Sent with a definite objective – seek his brethren. John 1:11;John 3:17.
14- Joseph was sent forth from the valley of Hebron. Gen. 37:14. Hebron means fellowship, communion. Valley means peacefulness, rest. Jesus was sent forth from Heaven, from the fellowship of Father.
15- Joseph came to Shechem Gen. 37:14. Shechem means shoulder, burden bearing, suggests service and subjection,Shechem – Gen. 34:25-30, Place of sorrow, sin, evil passions, and blood shedding (history of earth). He took the servant’s place (Phil 2:6,7)
16- Joseph now became a Wanderer in the field (Gen. 37:15,16). The field = world, John 7:53; 8:1.
17- Joseph seeks until he finds his brethren. (Gen. 37:17). He did not return to Hebron, Un wearied lover.Joseph went after his brethren And found them in Dothan. Dothan = Law or customs. Peter cried ‘ spare thyself’ He would not until it was finished. The Gospel story, synagogues, streets, Galilee, Samaria, Capernahum etc.. He found them under bondage of the Law. Mark 9:8
18- Joseph Conspired against (Gen. 37:18). Conspiracy “before he drew near unto them”. This is what happened when Jesus was born, Herod. Same in His ministry (Math. 12:14).
19- Joseph’s words disbelieved (Gen. 37:19,20). They mocked at Him – Come down from the cross. They secured the Sepulcher, sealed, watched. Even today, do you really believe His words? John 3; 18, John 3:36.
20- Joseph is insulted Gen. 37:23 Math 27:27,28; John 19:23.
21- Joseph is cast into the pit . (Gen. 37:24) ‘Hades” Zech 9:11; Math. 12:40.
22- Joseph taken out alive in his body (Gen. 37:28). Resurrection = Touch and see Me.
23- Joseph’s brethren mingle hypocrisy with hatred (Gen. 37:27). Math. 27:35,36. John 18:28,3
24- Joseph is sold (Gen. 37:26,28). Judah made the bargain. Judah – Hebrew , Judas – Greek. Judas sold Jesus for 30pieces of silver
25- Joseph’s blood sprinkled Strained Coat. They presented to his father blood sprinkled coat. The blood of Jesus – the blood of animals – anticipation.
26- Joseph becomes a servant (Gen. 39:1).Beloved Son  = Slave in Egypt. Jesus became a servant John 13:1-17
27- Joseph was a prosperous Servant (Gen. 29:2,3). Is. 53:10.
28- Joseph’s master was well pleased with him (Gen. 39:4). Is 11:2; John 8:29.
29- Blessings to others (Gen. 39:5).The house of Egyptian = Jesus Christ is a blessing to the world.
30- Goodly Person (Gen. 39:6) Joseph was a goodly person. Not his position but his person. SOS 2:3,8  ; S OS 5:10,11 ; REV. 4:3
31- Tempted and Sinned Not Gen. 39:7-12.) Compare Gen. 38 and 39. The unchastely of Judah in 38. The chastity of Joseph in 39. Unfaithfulness placed before faithfulness. Three temptations Gen. 39:7,10,12. Joseph was not tempted in Canaan but in Egypt by the wife of a Captain. Joseph resisted Psalm 105:19. He left his Garment (The pleasure of the world) Gen. 29:12; II Tim. 2:22. The temptations suffered by Jesus were not from his brethren but from Satan.
32- Joseph was falsely accused. Gen. 39:16-18. No True Charge Math. 16:59,60.
33- Joseph attempted no defense. (Gen. 39:19) No appeal, no murmuring, He reviled not (Is 53:7).
34- Joseph was cast into prison (Gen. 39:20) Jesus unjustly was sentenced.
35- Joseph suffered at the hands of the Gentiles. Jesus was suffered at the hand of Herod and Pilate (Acts 4:26,27).
36- Joseph, the Innocent one, suffered Severely. Acts 7:9,10; Psalm 105:17,18. Who can convict me of  sin? Jesus is innocent ,sinless and spotless
37- Joseph won the respect of his Jailer (Gen. 39:21). Jesus – Roman Centurion (Luke 23:47).
38- Joseph was numbered with transgressors (Gen. 40:1-3). Joseph was not alone butler and baker was with him in prison. Jesus was also crucified and with Him, two thieves.
39- Joseph was the means of Blessings to one, Judgment to other. Butler was lifted up. He had the cup in his hand. Baker means human Labor, no deliverance is for such people. Precious blood of the Lamb through which all will be delivered.
40- Joseph evidenced his Knowledge of Future (Gen. 40:8). John 12:49.
41- Joseph’s predictions came true (Gen. 40:20-22). So, it is with every word of God.
42- Joseph desired to be Remembered (Gen. 40:14). “This does in Remembrance of Me”.
43- Joseph in due time delivered from Prison (Gen. 40:14) Acts 2:24 compare John 20:6,7.
44- Joseph was delivered from Prison by the Hand of God (Gen. 45:7-9). Acts 2:24; 2:32; 10:40.
45- Joseph is seen now as the Revealed of Secrets (Gen. 41:16). John 17:8; 8:28; 12:49.
46- Joseph Warned Danger and Urged to make Preparations. Joseph warned of a coming danger and urged his hearers to make suitable provision to meet it. Jesus has gone to prepare a place but asked us to WATCH and PRAY.
47- Joseph next appeared as the Wonderful Counselor. Col.  2:3.
48- Joseph’s Counsel was commended by Pharaoh and his officers (Gen. 41:37-39). Math. 7:28,29; 13:54; John 7:46.
49- Joseph is exalted and Set over all Egypt (Gen. 41:39,40). I Peter 3:22.
50- Joseph is exalted and Set over all Egypt He rules over the Father’s household. Rev. 3:21. He is seated on His Father’s throne.
51- Joseph was exalted to the Throne because of His Personal Worth. Joseph was given his place of exaltation in Egypt because of is personal worth and actual service rendered by him in Egypt. (Philippians 2:6-9).
52- Joseph was invested with INSIGNIA (Gen. 40:42). Acts 5:31; Heb 2:9; Rev 5:13.
53- Joseph’s Authority and Glory are publicly Owned (Gen. 41:43). Acts 2:36. Have you recognized the exalted dignity of Christ (Phil 2:10)?
54- Joseph received from Pharaoh a new name (SAVIOUR) . (Gen. 41:45) Phil 2:9,10. This name He bore while on earth but it was held as a pledge and promise(Math. 1:21).God Exalted Him (Acts 5:31).
55- Joseph has a wife given to him (Gen.41: 45) Joseph was having a wife before his age is mentioned. Asneth – Gentile-Church. Joseph + Asneth = Ephraim Manasseh=Children=fruitfulness. Ephraim means Stranger, Manasseh means Forgetfulness. How could Asenath the Egyptian marry Joseph? It was after Israel was redeemed they became Separated from all nations. Jer. 2:2 Asenath was daughter of priest and must be some thing before the Lord. Two Sons = Two Kingdoms. You have to carefully notice the order. Jesus’ age = Joseph’s age. Jesus was mentioned before beginning his ministry. “Behold the Lamb of God”. Without the Lamb, sins can’t be removed. The orders of verses in the Bible are very important. Wife is mentioned in 45 but Joseph’s age is mentioned in 46. Wife is mentioned before his ministry. God has chosen us before the Begging of the world. In the beginning the church was Jewish in nature but than Gentiles were allowed. We were strangers to the Kingdom of God and now we became one family.
56- Joseph’s marriage was arranged by Pharaoh. (Gen. 41:45). Math 22:2
57- Joseph was 30 yr. old when he began his life’s work Gen. 41:46 Jesus was there in temple at 12 but He started His ministry when He was 30 yr. Old. Luke 3:23.
58- went from the presence of Pharaoh. Gen. 41:46. Here we don’t see Pharaoh’s nature but as a figure head as a King only. Luke 3:22. The voice of Father came and Jesus started His ministry. We have to die and be raised than our ministry will be fruitful and we can serve in the Power of the Holy Spirit.
59- Active Service (Gen. 41:46). Joseph went to all the land of Egypt.He did not remain in his palace but worked for Pharaoh. Math. 4:22; 9:35. You have to go everywhere not with in a certain group or denomination.
60- Joseph’s Exaltation was followed by a season of plenty (Gen. 41:47-49). II Corinthians 6:2. = Our dispensation of Grace. The present dispensation is by far the longest. What a period of Grace. How few were saved from Abel to the Flood! How few were saved during the times of Patriarch! How few among Israel from the days of Joshua! How few during the ministry of Christ! But 120 in the upper room. The earth is now bringing fruit in abundance (Joel 12:24) much fruit.
61- Joseph’s Exaltation was also followed by a period of famine). (Gen. 41:53,54 Prosperity was only in Egypt (only in some places the God is worshipped in spirit and truth).Famine all over the world. Just as the 7 yr. a complete period points to Grace so the 7 yr. of famine look to that which shall follow Rom 11:25, Tribulation, Jacob’s trouble. Daniel 12:1; Mk 13:19,20. In Anti Christ’s time all over the world will be under his control. Amos 8:11,12; Rev.3: 10; Is 55:6. There are two types of Famine. Literal Famine and Spiritual Famine. What will one do when the Holy Spirit will depart from this world?Famine in word means there will be no word of God.
62- Joseph is seen dispensing bread to the perishing world (Gen. 41:55). This rejected should be the only Savior of the World. Jesus is the Passport to the Favor of God. His brothers rejected him. Rom. 11:11 When Paul wrote this verse he was having the type in his minds. You have to keep types in your mind.
63- Joseph alone dispensed the bread of life (Gen. 41:55). Joseph was the appointed Savior, whosoever hungry goes to Joseph. Acts 4:12; Math 17:5. We can’t go into the presence of Father directly we have to come to Jesus. Mary told the people in Cana “Do what He Says”.
64- Joseph became a Savior to all People (Gen. 41:57). Joseph gave to everyone alike, No distinction. . Salvation is the gift from God Rev. 5:9
65- Joseph had illimitable (Gen. 41:49). Joseph was having limit less resources to meet the need of all. Eph 1:7; 2:7; 2:4; I peter 1:3; Eph 3:8; Col. 2:9; Rom. 10:12. There is infinite value in that precious blood, infinite power In Jesus.
66- Joseph’s brothers are driven out of their Land (Gen. 42:1-3,5). Danger of dying = journey to Egypt = Roman Emperor Titus drove them out of their land in A.D.70. Israel rejected Jesus and they were driven out.
67- Joseph was unknown and unrecognized by his brethren . (Gen. 42:6,8) Joseph had been exalted but Jacob knew it not. All the years he was thinking Joseph was dead. This is true about Israel they don’t know the exaltation of Jesus. He is exalted to the right hand of the Father and they still don’t know.
68- Joseph however saw and knew his brethren . (Gen. 42:7) Joseph Saw his brethren, his eyes were open to them even they knew him not.Jer. 16:7; Hosea 5:3.
69- Joseph punished his brethren . (Gen. 42:7,17) Why the Jews are suffering (Hosea 9:17). They rejected Messiah Math. 23:38,39, 35,26.
70- Joseph made know to them a way of deliverance through substitution. Gen. 42:17-19,24. On the 3rd day he cause Simeon to be bound in the place of his brethren that by this means they may all be delivered in the 3rd day. Third day is the day of resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus’ case is more superior He released Himself and also us from the bondage of death on the 3rd day.
71- Joseph made provisions for the Brethren while they were in strange land. Gen. 42:25. Joseph’s Judgments on his brethren were tempered to mercy. He ministered their need. Jer. 30:11; Ezek 11:16.
72- Joseph was made known to his brethren at the Second Time Acts 7:13. First time they did not know him Joshua & Israel-Spy-no. Num. 13. Second time-accepted David – I Sam. 17:17-18,28. Later they owned him as their King. When Jesus will come for the Second time Israel will accept Him.
73- Joseph’s brethren confess their guilt in the sight of God (Gen. 44:16). Ezek 20:42; 42; Hosea 5:15; Acts 3; 19,20. God’s word is so rich.
74- Joseph’s brethren were also, at first troubled in his presence (Gen. 45:3). Zech. 12:10.
75- Joseph Acts with his brethren in marvelous Grace (Gen. 45:4,5,15). Zech. 13:1; Is. 54:7,8.
76- Joseph was revealed as Man of Compassion Gen. 45:1-2 , 7 times we read of Joseph weeping (perfection). Gen. 42:24, 43:30; 45:1-2; 45:15; 46:29; 50:1; 50:15-17. Jesus wept.
77- Joseph revealed himself to Judah & his brethren before he was made known to the rest of Jacob’s household. Judah was their spokesman. He sold Joseph to Ishmaelite. Zech 12:7.
78- Joseph’s brothers go forth proclaiming his glory (Gen. 45:9,13). Is 66:19; Micah 5:7. Gentiles will not preach in millennium but Jews are the future Evangelists. God’s work will not stop after the rapture of the Church. The Jews are having very bright future but first they have to undergo tribulation.
79- Joseph makes ready his Chariot and goes forth to meet Jacob (Gen.46: 29).He reveals himself in splendor and kingliness to his people. He meets Judah in Goshen. First, he meets his father, then household of Jacob. The coming of Christ in Glory. Is 66:15.
80- Joseph settles his brethren in a land of their own (Gen. 47:27). Goshen was the best part of Egypt. So Palestine, the best land in Millennium Israel shall possess. Of course, there will be Geographical changes in the world before that. Now they can’t settle in anyway.
81- Joseph’s brethren prostrate themselves before him as the Representative of God. (Gen. 50:18,19)They realized the Dream. Is 25:9.
82- Joseph’s brethren dwelt in a land where was no corn. (Gen. 42.5). Nothing to sustain, ungodly dwell-husks.
83- Joseph’s brethren wished to pay for what they received (Gen. 42:3).The word “buy” occurs no less than 5 times in this chapter. They thought of purchasing it. Natural man in his mind never reaches to the level of receiving a Gift from God. Naaman-Prodigal.
84- Joseph’s brethren assume a self-righteous attitude as they come before the Lord of Egypt. (Gen. 42:7,9). It is thus God begins His work to the sinner. He wounds before. He heals, conviction, condemn, sinner reacts, denies, He is self-righteous. We are true men-boasts.
85- Joseph’s brethren were carry into prison for 3 day (Gen. 42:17). God thus deals to the lost. The sinner must be made to realize what is his past de. He must be taught that he deserves nothing but punishment. He must be shown in the place of condemn & shame. He must be abused before exalted.
86- Joseph’s brethren were now sinners in their conscience (Gen. 42:21). They said to one another-not before God. Not yet taken the place of a lost sinner before God.
87- Joseph makes it known that deliverance is by Grace (Gen. 42:25). The bread of life can’t be purchased it must be accepted as a free gift. Eph. 2:8,9.
88- Joseph’s brethren soon had their superficial peace disturbed . (Gen. 42:27,28) God will not allow the awakened Soul to rest (43:1,2). Hunger of the Soul is the most acute.
89- Joseph’s brethren continue to manifest a legal Spirit (Gen. 43:11,15). Double money redoubles his efforts to please God. How literal men knew Joseph-Governor. Christ is the one who spread the feast. Luke 14:17-provider.The sinner is the receiver.
90- Joseph’s brethren are now made happy again (Gen. 43:33,34). Not yet right relationship been established, nevertheless they could be “merry”- God’s saving work goes much deeper than emotions.
91- Joseph is detailed. To bring his brethren out into the light. . (Gen. 44:1,2) No fellowship until the wrong had been righted. He is Holy & sinless our sins must be confessed and put away before we can reconcile to Him.
92- Joseph’s brethren, At last, take their true place before God (Gen. 44:4). “true men” this is the design of the Spirit’s work.
93- Joseph made himself known to his brethren. (Gen. 45:1). “Then” None must come between the needy soul & the Redeemer. Away ye priests-ritualistic-human interferes, let every man go out.
94- Joseph invites his brethren to come near to him (Gen. 45:4). All distances are done away.He desires His redeemed to be near to Him
95- Joseph tells his brethren of full provision made for them (Gen. 45:10,11). What is in the heart of blessed Savior? . He promises to sustain them.
96- Joseph gives proof that he is fully reconciled to his brethren (Gen. 45:15). The kiss taken- they were forgiven.It speaks of Love-Prodigal-Notice. It was Joseph who kissed them-Prodigal’s father kissed him. God Always takes the initiative at every point.”After his brethren talked to him” Their fears were gone (fellowship).
97- Joseph’s joy was shared by others (Gen. 45:16). Luke 15. Joy in the presence of God.
98- Joseph’s brethren now go forth seeking others (Gen. 45:9,13).twice”haste”v.9, 13. Lord’s commission
99- Joseph gives a word of admonition a they go forth (Gen. 45:24).Exhortation. The flesh is still in us you have to crucify your self. (II Tim. 2:24). Don’t fall out by the ways. Our  business is to repeat His words.

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