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I want to change! – Shruthi Muthu

I just wanna be
Better than me
I really should
Be more good,
With every body,
In a great harmony.
I have to live in peace
And make the devil cease.
I can’t do it
Without the Holy Spirit.
But how could it be,
I have Him in me,
I make mum mad,
She says I am bad,
I always pray,
I knee down and say,
‘Why don’t I get an answer?’
For the spiritual cancer,
What haven’t I done?
Lord, You who can make the sun,
Help me be nice
Not once or twice
When will I get
The answer to my bet?
Jesus you are the best,
You have given me a test
But why do I fail?
Answer me through a spiritual mail.
Keep me in my way.
Every single day.
When oh Lord when?
I can’t do it till then.
It’s just not fun
No one seems to care
Better things should be
So peace I can see
I can’t stop thinking about it
Help me Holy Spirit.
How long should I wait
I wish it won’t be late
What is my problem?
Jesus, my favorite gem
Some times I’m glad
And some times sad
I know I can be
Better than me
But why can’t I do it?
I ask you, Holy Spirit.
Be my friend,
Till my end.
Help I need,
To grow the happiness seed.
I need to be neater
I can be better
Please help me try
Otherwise I shall cry
Help me to be bold
When I go through a scold
Active I used to be
Not like the now me
Let everybody see
What is really inside me
‘Old things must pass away
All things will become new today
For in Christ you have become
An entirely new creation’
With this, your word, I pray
Make me new & whole today,
Thank you for making me happier
Thank you for an answered prayer.

2 Corinth. 5:17

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